BiggBoss2 final winner: Massive and Shocking!

Suspense over the final winner of BiggBoss 2 will end in few hours as the grand finale will be aired from 6pm to 9pm. Most viewers believe that Kaushal is almost confirmed as winner. Kaushal fans have declared him as Biggboss 2 winner.

Kaushal army has been celebrating his win. Rumours are rife that the episode has been shot yesterday. Some morphed pics showing Kaushal as winner went viral on social media. As per buzz, Kaushal is believed to have got record breaking votes of 39 crores 98 lakhs and 50 thousand which is 78.9% of total votes. Indeed its massive! It is world record of sorts as no BiggBoss winner of any language has ever got.

Samrat has been eliminated first followed by Deepthi and Tanish, according to the same reports. Kaushal has emerged as winner with landslide victory and Geetha ends up a runner up.

On the flipside, there’s this shocking news doing rounds. Accordingly, Kaushal and  Geetha Madhuri have got same count of votes. As it’s a tiebreak between them so Biggboss is said to have announced both of them as final winners. We have to wait till this evening to know who walks away with glory as Biggboss 2 Telugu final winner.

biggboss2 telugu final winner


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