Biggboss Title is Not In Their Hands

The moment has arrived and the Biggboss Title will be announced in ampere-hours. The Top five contenders Kaushal, Geetha, Deepthi, Samrat, and Tanish are in the line for the title.

biggboss title winner

There is no benefit of a doubt if the title is awarded on the foundation of fan votes; then it is decided that the champ will be Kaushal. The reasons are there is a huge difference in the votes percentage between other contestants and Kaushal.


However, there are many stories popping up that there is only a minimum weight for votes in viewing the title winner. This is because as other housemates have approached the tampering of votes.

Journey of Kaushal in Biggboss House (1)

Nevertheless, considering the housemates’ opinion and their performance graph and fan base the winner might be announced. In this regards, there are chances for Geetha and Kaushal for winning the title.


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