BiggBoss Nandini Role alike Lafangiri Gitta in Silly Fellow

BiggBoss Telugu season 2 is not yet over but the contestants are seizing the opportunities. The actress and Model Nandini Rai was eliminated from Bigg Boss house a few weeks back and bagged an opportunity in Silly Fellows casting Allari Naresh and Sunil in the lead roles. The film is released and carrying a positive talk all over.

Nandini Rai role similar to Lafangiri Gitta
Nandini Rai role similar to Lafangiri Gitta

Coming to her role in the movie, The Nandini Rai is seen as Pushpa in the movie who marries for the sake of gold and money and later takes divorces which is similar to her Bigg boss ‘Lafangiri Gitta’ movie role made in Bigg Boss house.
Will Nandini Rai get same roles? As industry label artist to specific roles for particular actors.


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