BiggBoss brags about Deepthi, Tanish and Samrat

Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu is turning dramatic day by day as it nears grand finale. Contestants are getting emotional and sentimental settin aside their differences. On  110th  ie. on Thursday, Bigg Boss analysed the journey of Tanish, Deepthi and Samrat. AVs of three contestants were played with chronicles of their journey in Bigg Boss house for past 109 days.

Speaking about Deepthi, Bigg Boss said that she entered the house as a normal girl but carried big dreams along with her. “You make others laugh with your innocence and your talkativeness. You are caring like amother and a friend. Though you look innocent, you have energy of a wild horse. You remained strong in tough tasks. Bigg Boss salutes your determination. You are an inspiration to many,” complimented Bigg Boss.

bigg boss 2 telugu finals

About Samrat: He’s a sensitive person in the house. He mingled with everyone soon and become dear to all that they have seen a good friend in you. With your humility and glowing smile, you became first captain of Bigg Boss season 2. Your bonding with Tanish and Tejaswi surprised us. Samrat explained what Bigg Boss had said to other house mates. He revealed that AV of Tejaswi’s love story was shown. Geetha Madhuri intervened and said that it isn’t love story but friendship.

“But the AV streamed by Biggboss portrayed it as a love story,” said Samrat.

Speaking about Tanish, Bigg Boss said that he entered the house as an angry youngman. Though Tanish indulges in arguments, he’s a very friendly guy who does anything for friendship. Bigg boss recollected Tanish’s sacrifice of giving his favorite jacket to be quenched in color water for Samrat for a task. Tanish became emotional listening to Biggboss. On Friday’s episode, Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri’s AVs will be played.




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