Bigg Boss Targets Kaushal

Is Bigg boss targetting Kaushal, this is what commoners and Kaushal army feeling right now. The murder Mystery task is giving strength to these statements. There are speculations that the task is pre-planned to put Kaushal in the nominations list for the rest of the season.

Everyone knows that Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri are not sharing a very good bond these days, and she becoming a murder and the list of secret tasks given to her reveals that this a pre-planned stand to target Kaushal in the game.

Bigg Boss Targets Kaushal
Bigg Boss Targets Kaushal

Samrat and Ganesh have chosen the third box in the confession room where Samarat remained a commoner and Ganesh has been Detective, Everyone knows Kaushal has number three sentiment and he would choose that box but accidentally he took number six.

On the other hand, Though Kaushal gets nominated his fans are not splitting the votes and concentrating completely to save him from the nominations.


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