Bigg Boss or Bull Sh!t, feel viewers

Bigg Boss season 2 is coming to conclusion. The show continues to attract criticism day after day rather than gaining viewers interest. It lacks the curiosity factor that drives any such show. Main reason for this being leak of eliminations. Tejaswi, Sunaina and Babu Gogineni who got eliminated didn’t give any surprise to viewers as their names were out before hand. Pooja Ramachandran who entered the house on wildcard is likely to get eliminated this week.

Deepthi Nallamothu is other housemate who is in danger zone. Though Kaushal and Tanish are also nominated, their popularity on social media is keeping them going. With Kaushal fans support to Deepthi, Pooja is at bay. Kaushal supporters on the net are believed to play deciding factor in eliminations.

bigg boss 2 elimination

Host Nani appears clueless of what’s happening in house. It is alleged that the Sunday’s episode is being shot on Saturday itself due to Nani’s busy schedule. It could be one of the reason for leaks. Moreover, buzz has it that he is just reading out script provided by a team of assistants and also approved by show organizers.

With no suspense left, it is anybody’s guess that final battle will be between Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal. There is hardly any excitement for viewers unless something sensational happens.

No other Bigg Boss show in any other language has been so biased and one sided. Our Telugu guys have made a joke out of this internationally acclaimed show, opine rational viewers.


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