Bigg Boss 2 winner already decided?

It is known to one and all that Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri are competing for the crown in Bigg Boss 2. Kaushal is hot favorite among all the contestants with highest number votes. Thanks to his huge fan fallowing both online and offline, Kaushal army as they are being called.

Geetha Madhuri is also strong contender who has amassed good support from viewers. Geetha being popular face has been offered highest remuneration for Bigg Boss show. She had to let go several songs and events for the hundred days she has to be in Bigg Boss house. If the grapevine is anything to go by, Geetha Madhuri has been assured to be made final winner.

Actress Madhavi Latha too have alleged that the organizers doesn’t want Kaushal to become winner. Bigg Boss organizers including Nani are inclined towards Geetha. With unexpected craze that Kaushal has garnered, Bigg Boss 2 organizers have fallen in dilemma.

Kaushal’s followers may not accept Geetha being made winner. On the other hand, buzz also has it that Tanish may win the show ultimately. Its only a matter of few more days for the mystery to unfold. Lets wait fingers crossed.

Bigboss 2 final winner



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