Bigg Boss 2: Secret behind Kaushal’s nomination

Bigg Boss 2 is getting intense as it reaches the climax. Tangled in controversies, Bigg Boss 2 has been gaining decent TRP ratings. Latest buzz about the reality show will be shocking to its fans. Kaushal is known to be hot favorite among all the contestants. Geetha Madhuri is his only competition. Kaushal amassed immense fan following.

Moreover, he has got Kaushal army on social media which has become deciding factor of eliminations. Better late than nevver, Geetha started targeting Kaushal. She has nominated Kaushal for elimination for past two weeks.

Her efforts to malign his image are going vein. Highly reliable sources reveal that Geetha and his gang will be nominating Kaushal for every week from now. Social campaigning also started against him with trolls and memes. Here’s one such video going viral on social media trying to put Kaushal in bad light .

On the flipside, organizers of Bigg Boss 2 are also inviting nominations on Kaushal so as to recieve large number of votes. Kaushal can garner votes upto 15 crore. Also Kaushal being nominated will raise curiosity on final episode.


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