Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal’s Kukka Remark Justified!


Bigg Boss 2 Telugu is turning intense as its reaching climax. Handful of remaining contestants are getting handful with heated arguments and attacks on each other.

The competition is getting stronger as all the six contestants are in danger zone and anybody can get eliminated. Grand finale of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu is going to be held on 30th September.

The latest sand task exposed the differences between contenders. Kaushal and Tanish turned explosive with other housemates also losing control.

Kaushal fans feel that it was Tanish who provoked and attacked Kaushal. When the leg of Kaushal stuck in a sand container stand, Tanish dragged the container inspite of Kaushal screaming with pain. Kaushal Army has been circulating the video proof of this.

Kaushal Army  has not just been supporting Kaushal but also promoting Bigg Boss 2 on social media. Kaushal seems to feel that he’s being targeted unnecessarily with no sin of his. The promo of next Bigg Boss 2 episode shows Kaushal yelling at Tanish that all the contestants unite like dogs attacking him for no reason.

Of course, there is a limit for patience, on repetitively targeting anyone will react and  burst out like this, opine his fans. Tanish, Roll Rida and even Samrat appear offended by Kaushal’s Kukka remark as they pick a fight with him. “Kukkalala Meedha Padipothe Kukkalanaka Inkemantaru,” justify fans.



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