BBC Making Video of Rajinikanth 2.0 Leaked ?

Here’s the latest making video of Rajinikanth’s most anticipated magnt of magnum opus ‘2.0’ (2 Point O). Its a making video of song ‘Rajali’. Amy Jackson and dancers can be seen in futuristic outfits. It is from BBC’s exclusive 2 and a half minute making video of 2.0.

Amy Jackson can be seen briefing about her experience in working for the sci-fi thriller. The leaked video clip of 2.0 making video is going viral on internet. Fans are going bonkers to catch any glimpse from the movie. Rajini can be seen coming in the end.

2.0 is slated to hit screens on November 29 after being postponed for couple of times. The film being made at whopping budget of 400 crores boasts larger than life vfx and visual grandeur.


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