Balakrishna’s unbeatable silver jubilee record


Balakrishna has got some unbeatable records in his career. His blockbuster ‘Legend’ ran for 1000 days in this era where movies hardly run a week or two. Here’s another feather in Balayya’s cap. Two of his movies Bangaru Bullodu and Nippuravva released on the same day i.e. on September 3rd, 1993.

Fans are celebrating silver jubilee. Bangaru Bullodu turned a super hit while Nippuravva had been an average film. Balayya co-produced Nippuravva along with Vijayasanthi. It was an experimental film on coalmine workers. Bangaru Bullodu was a commercial entertainer with Ramya Krishna and Raveena Tandon as heroines.



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