Aravindha Sametha Climax Leaked!

Amid all the hoopla over the story of NTR’s Aravindha Sametha, here’s a grand leak on what will be climax be like. Ever since the trailer is out, fans have been restless brain-storming about the film’s story.

Aravindha Sametha appears a regular template of Rayalaseema faction drama with overload of violence and bloodshed. However, the film also resonates Trivikram’s touch of wisdom filled dialogues and sensitive treatment.

As per insider talk, the much anticipated fight where NTR goes shirtless will come as interval bang. It will be mass menacing action episode which will shake theaters making fans go wild and crazy, reveal sources. Perhaps, second half of Aravindha Sametha may not have much of violence as Tarak transforms into a peacemaker.

He will be seen trying to settle scores with enemies not through violence but amicably. The same is evident from the trailer. If the grapevine is anything to go by, Aravindha Sametha will have a climax in the lines of Attharintiki Daaredi. It will be heart touchingly emotional and sentimental. Remember “Ekkada Neggalo Kadhuraa Ekkada Thaggalo Thelisinodu Goppudu.” Trivikram derives the essence as “Yuddham Aapevade Goppodu.”

Aravinda Sametha Climax Scene Leaked


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