Aravinda Sametha Story Copied?

Trivikram Srinivas faced humiliation with Pawan Kalyan’s Agnathavasi. Not just because the film was a dud but also because of plagiarism allegations. Agnathavasi was a freemake of French film Largo Winch. Again now, Trivikram is charged with similar allegations. Writer named Vempalli Gangadhar accused that Aravinda Sametha is a copy of is story.

The NTR starrer is creating storm at box-office with raining collections of 100 crore gross in 4 days. In a social media post, Vempalli Gangadar said that he narrated the faction story to Trivikram in April on getting a call from him. Gangadhar is said to have explained him how I researched on factionism while in Tirupathi Sri Venkateswara University that he wrote in a novel named Hiranya Rajyam.

Apparently, heroine’s character was based on him. Gangadhar is said to have travellled with Trivikram to hotel Sitara where he explained about Rayalaseema slang. “Trivikram was keen to learn about ‘Mondi Katthi’ concept from my story Papagni which he used in the film predominantly,” said he.

Gangadhar alleged that Trivikram used his efforts and work without giving remuneration or credit. Here is the excerpt of his story published in a newspaper. Gangadhar is set to lodge complaint with writers guild and film chamber. He is planning to take legal action against Trivikram for plagiarism.

mondikathi vempalli gangadhar aravinda sametha story copy

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