Agnyathavasi Premiere Show Winners Announced!


The premiere show winners of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnyathavasi’ movie will be announced today at 6 pm. Premiere and benefit shows are planned in a huge manner in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh state. The first show is scheduled at 12 am in Hyderabad while the show begins at 1 am in AP.

Answer these questions and win tickets:

  1. Guess the name of Pawan Kalyan in Agnyaathavaasi?
  2. What is Khusbu to Pawan Kalyan in the movie?

a) Akka

b) Aunt

c) Pinni

d) None

3. With whom will Pawan Kalyan fall in love?

a) Keerthy Suresh

b) Anu Emmanuel

4. When do you think ‘Gaali Vaalugaa’ song comes in the movie?

a) First half

b) Interval

c) Second half

d) Pre-climax

5. When do you feel like using “Veedi Charyalu Oohatheetham” in your life?

6. Venky is playing a cameo in the movie! Guess His Role?

WINNERS OF Agnathavasi Benefit Show at @ Viswanath Theater, Kukatpally @ 9.30PM

Javeed Bista

Democratic Comrade
@Sathagni (Abhikshith Bhargav)


Nikhil Viru

Contact: 7660000822


  1. 1. Siddhatha
    2. Pinni
    3. Keerthi Suresh
    4. Second Half
    5. Trying a girl to fall in love
    6. Yes, Venkatesh’s role is not just a blink and miss role but will be quite key to the film.

  2. 1.siddartha.
    3.keerthi suresh.
    4.second half. hopeful work is not completed.
    6.venky role is maybe a police officer.


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