2Point0 (2.0) into Controversy! may get Postponed?

2Point0 fever has gripped entire nation as it is all set to hit screens on Thursday. Rajinikanth as Chitti, the Robo is gearing up to set screens on fire. Interim, fans are in a situation of panic as Shankar’s epic sci-fi thriller has struck with a controversy.

2point0 2.0 controversy coai mobiles

As per reports, COAI (Cellular Operators Association of India) has complained to the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting against 2.0.  COAI demanded Censor board to revoke the U/A certificate given to 2Point0 as the movie creates a propaganda that mobile phones are harmful to the environment.

Going by the trailers,health and environmental hazards by excessive mobile usage appears to be the center point of the story. Considering COAI’s petition, 2.0 may get postponed, fear fans.


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