Yes Rahul is a Buffoon Says Kavitha

KCR daughter and Nizamabad MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha is giving strength to CM KCR calling Rahul Gandhi a buffoon. Addressing media in Delhi. CM KCR has called Rahul by a name and its definition clearly said anybody who does silly things would be called a buffoon. It is as simple as that and there is nothing to doubt about the comment,” she said.Hugging Narendra Modi in middle of Parliment session is as silly move and so the leader of TRS party has said so added Kavitha.

yes Rahul Gandhi is buffoon says Kavitha
yes Rahul Gandhi is buffoon says Kavitha

Kavitha later addressed that “We are working for a coalition which is free of both Congress and BJP and we are not B team of anything but B Team of the Indian people and the Indians.” said MP Kavitha.


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