Ye Rojaithe Chusano Review


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Total Critics: 2


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Critic Reviews for The Boxtrolls


Rating: 1.25/5

No Love No Romance

Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Manoj Nandan, Smithika Acharya

Director : Bala G

Producers : Sindiri Giri, Tanniru Simhadri

Music : Shashi Kiran

Balu(Manoj Nandan) is an enthusiastic college student who falls in love with Aditi(Smitika). Aditi refuses to accept Balu’s love proposal because of her bitter experiences in the past. Balu tries all sorts of antics to prove her that he is honest and it is not infatuation towards her. Aditi keeps resisting him. Can Balu justify his love? Will Aditi ever be convinced that his love is true? If you are curious to know the answers, watch the movie.


It is routine love story with nothing exciting. Even the screenplay is flat and plain without any highs. Interval twist is somewhat new but the second half drops down. Unconsistent and forced scenes make it burdent to watch. Amateurish script is taken and made into a movie like a child’s play.

The film is not even a match to some well made short films these days. Silly comedy tried by hero and friends, mismatch romance between lead pair is what you get for your ticket. Makers tried to tempt youth with erotic posters and trailers displaying navel just like Ram Gopal Varma did with his ‘Savithri’.

The film neither fulfills the ‘lustful’ promise nor entertaining in anyway. It is unfortunate that Manoj Nandan who played ‘younger’ Mahesh and Prabhas in Athadu and Chathrapathi is not getting his due pie of movies. He should select better roles be it side characters rather than playing lead in regrettable films as these. Smithika’s skin show is wasted. Cinematography is terrible. Music is just average. Over all the film is wasted oppurtunity.


Romantic scenes shown in trailers


Routine story and boring screenplay

Amateur making

Bottom-line: Pathetic