Wife bites husband tongue as he kisses her

In a weird incident a wife bit the tongue of her husband as he tries to kiss her. The incident that took place in Delhi grabbed headlines. Karan, a street artist lives with his wife Kajal and other family members at Vikar Nagar, Ranhola, out skirts of city.

On Sunday, they both had a heated argument over a domestic issue. Their parents intervened and compromised between them. After the family members slept, Karan leaned to kiss Kajal in their room. To his surprise, she bit off a portion of his tongue!

The blood soaked 22-year-old was rushed to nearby hospital by his parents. He’s unable to speak. Guess what? They are married for two years and she’s pregnant now. Case has been registered under Section 326 filing an FIR as voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means!!

Well, those who stick out their tongues better beware!


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