Vijay Sarkar Full Movie Review


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Sarkar - Need of the hour Political Revolution
Rating: 2.5/5

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Rating: 2.5/5

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Rating: 2.5/5

Rise and fall of Sarkar
Rating: 2.75/5

Vijay Sarkar Full Movie Review

Sarkar Story:

Sundar (Vijay) is a CEO of a software giant. He is a NRI living abroad. Sundar comes to Hyderabad to cast his vote for ongoing elections. He falls in love with Keerthy Suresh who is sister of his sister-in-law. Twist in the tale arises as his vote has been rigged. Sundar takes it serious and decides to fight in court.

Radha Ravi is the local politician who is behind fake votes. Sundar wins legal battle and court stalls counting. Sundar takes up a mission of creating public awareness about how important voting is. Komalavalli (Varalakshmi) is NRI daughter CM. She targets Sundar with her mindgames.

Political goons wait for their turn to eliminate Sundar. Court orders re-election. Sundar gears up to contest in elections and appeals public to support him. Komalavalli lands in India to fight Sundar in elections. What happens in the elections? Will Sundar be able to defeat ruling party? Can he revive the corrupt political system?

Sarkar Review:

Sarkar deals with much needs political revolution in current state of affairs in our country. The film focuses on significance of electoral system in democracy.

Since the rolling of titles AR Murugaodoss gets preachy with educating on how democracy evolved from ancient kings and battleground days.

Loopholes in the political system are emphasized. Sarkar gives a strong message with public awareness on how important it is to vote. First half starts on lighter vein with stylish entry of Vijay as a NRI CEO. His character is designed on based on Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Vijay’s romantic chemistry with chirpy Keerthy Suresh is cool. Comedy by Yogi Babu tickles. Soon the film gets into serious note.

Confrontational scenes between Vijay and politicians is the highlight with AR Murugadoss’ signature scenes full of thought provoking dialogues. Varalaxmi’s mindgames with Vijay takes centerstage post interval. Some heavy action episodes are thrilling. Climax gives a punch of a message that stays for long.

Vijay’s mass antics and powerful dialogues provides gives full throttle for fans. Keerthy Suresh fills glamour and fun. AR Rahman’s music tugs right chords. Sarkar is lavishly made with top-notch technical values. Cinematography is to a T. AR Murugadoss’ hard hitting dialogues creates an impact.

Bottom-line: A Much needed political revolution!

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