Unexpected Elimination in Bigg Boss

Biggboss is just a few days away from the finale and it is the last elimination for the season. Every housemate is nominated in the house for not following BiggBoss rules as well as for not playing the captaincy task correctly.

Top 3 contestants biggboss
Top 3 contestants biggboss

Though Kaushal was nominated for the entire season he will not be evicted from the house as he has a huge fan base outside the house than any other housemate. Geetha, Deepthi and Tanish are managing to be in the house with their fan base.


Coming to the eliminations, though the eviction is predictable there was a slight probability for Samrat and Roll Rida to be in the house. Due to the ticket to finale task, Samrat has got immunity and saved from elimination. Now, It is inevitable for Roll to leave the house. If it is a double elimination then Tanish and Roll will both leave the house.


Kaushal is the only man, rest are women!


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