Triple Elimination in Biggboss House

Bigg Boss is in the final phase and the game is changing day by day. The Housemates have lost a golden chance with Ticket to finale task, as a result, everyone must fight to be in the last five contestants list.

Nani Bigg Boss

Coming to this week eviction, As Nani hints of ‘Em Ina Jaragachu’ (Anything can happen), Will there be a triple elimination this week? Going by the present scenario there are eight contenders and one wildcard entry and two weeks for the final day.

By this calculations, if Three members are eliminated in this week there will be a single elimination in the coming week to raise engagement among the audience and contestants. If not there are chances of Dual eliminations in both the weeks.

If Triple elimination happens then Amit, Shyamala, and Deepti will pack their bags and leave the house. As Kaushal army is supporting kaushal and he is leading in the vote rankings.


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