Title of ‘Chalo’ is inspired from Ram Charan’s song: Naga Shaurya

Naga Shaurya Chalo

Hero Naga Shaurya said that the title of his ‘Chalo’ movie is inspired from ‘Le Chalo‘ song of Megapowerstar Ram Charan’s ‘Bruce Lee’ movie.

Speaking to the media, hero Shaurya said, “Initially we had no clue about the title. My father used to think a lot about it. Me and my director also did. While I was watching the song ‘Le Chalo‘, I decided to go ahead with it.”

The young hero also accepted that he took extreme care about the script and also involved in making necessary changes. Naga Shaurya credited his mother Usha for taking care of the production and also cinematographer Sai Sriram for his timely inputs.


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