Taxiwala 10 Days Collections Report

Taxiwala is riding smooth through theatres. In ten days of its journey at box-office, the Vijay Devarkonda starrer horror thriller collected over 37 crores gross worldwide. The film earned a distributor share of more than 20 crores.

taxiwala 10 days collections report

Taxiwaala collected $700,401 in the USA. Taxiwaala grossed 13+ crores in Nizam. The film has struck right chord with all sections of audience with the balance of comedy and emotional drama. Taxiwala shall continue its dream run till 2Point0 hits screens from Thursday.

Area Share
Nizam 7.25
Ceded 1.72
Krishna 1.04
East 0.86
West 0.77
Vizag 1.61
Guntur 1.08
Nellore 0.44
Total AP+TS 14.77
USA 2.04
Karnataka 1.85
ROI 0.94
WW Total 19.6


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