Suma Punch On Nani over Bigg Boss Show

None can knock Anchor Suma Kanakala in the sarcasm and in her sane punches on movie stars in events. From film director Raghavendar Rao to Yesterday Nani in Devadas  Audio launch event Suma has not saved anyone. Nani is also a victim of Suma’s irony.

In Devadas audio launch the anchor Suma in Nani’s Doctor role in Devadas has asked Nani “Doctor Mee Jeevitham yela undi… Aa telusthundi doctor mee jeevitham moodu tweet lu aaru retweet latho bagundi ani… Furthre she added Vadhu meerem matladodhu meerem matladina memes baga perigipothunai. Vadhu aa trolls vadhu manaki…”

Suma has also been a victim of trolling in few incidents and to avoid further complication from certain fan groups she tactically handled and also rescued Nani from further being trolled by Biggboss show fans.


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