Subramaniapuram Full Movie Review

Subramaniapuram Full Movie Review

Subramaniapuram Story:

Sumanth lands in Subrahmanyapuram from Hyderabad. He’s an atheist researching about gods. He starts probing series of mysterious suicides that create panic situation in the village. The suicides are attributed to a superstition that it is curse of Lord Karthikeya of ancient temple in the village. How Sumanth unfolds the mystery behind suicide forms the story.

Subramaniapuram Review:

Subramaniapuram has an interesting plot. First half is slow paced and takes its own time to get into actual story. Second half gets engaging with investigation and surprising twists. With unnecessary subplots story deviates and loosens. As the mystery unravels in the pre-climax, the film gets exciting.

Subrahmaniapuram is mystery thriller with some drama. The film has shades of Karthikeya and hence predictable. Climax could have been better.

Sumanth has an interesting character as an atheist. He delivers decent performance. The scene where he confronts the villagers shows he is a seasoned actor. Eesha Rebba is good as girl-next-door.

The film has good production values for the thriller set up. Director Santosh Jagarlapudi picked a known subject still he narrates it haphazardly gripping. Sekhar Chandra’s music enhances the mysterious effect. Cinematography is equally good.

Bottom-line: Subramaniapuram – A firm dark thriller

Cast : Sumanth , Eesha Rebba

Director : Santhossh Jagarlapudi

Producer : Beeram Sudhakara Reddy

Music: Shekar Chandra

Cinematographer : R K Prathap

Editor : Karthika Srinivas

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