Singham 3 Review


Average Rating: 3
Total Critics: 4


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This Singham ‘s roar is just noisy but not furious

Rating: 2.5/5

Only for action lovers

Rating: 2.75/5

3 Times Faster.

Rating: 3/5

Only for Singam!

Rating: 2.75/5

Release Date : 02/09/2017

Cast: Suriya, Shruti Haasan, Anushka

Director: Hari

Music: Harris Jayraj

Producer: KE Gnanavel Raja

Banner: Studio Green


Nara Simham (Suriya) is transfered to Karnataka on special deputation. He is put on a high profile case. Simham meets Vidya (Shruti Haasan), a journalist who keeps distracting him in his mission. One fine day, Police commissioner gets murdered.

Simham will be on hunt to trace the murderers. Vittal (Anoop Singh) is international notorious criminal who commands power over Karnataka politics. State’s law and order situation is under trouble. Twists in the tale is that Simham arrests Shruti in connection with Commisioners murder.

What is the mystery behind commissioners murder? Is Shruti really involved in it? Will Simham track down real culprits? How will he reach Vittal who is operating from Australia and destroy his criminal empire? Finding answers to these questions is the film’s plot.



Singham has been a successful franchise with previous two films being successful. The series had also been made in Bollywood. Suriya’s character as fierce cop is the USP of the franchise. First part is special because it was set in village backdrop. From second part, Singham takes larger-than-life missions dealing with international smugglers and goons.

Singham 3 is more or less in the lines of second part. Story has nothing new to offer. Director tried to make it look different by toying with the screenplay. Adding suspense elements and sharp twists served the purpose but doesn’t leave any impact. Too much of masala ingredients diluted the story. First half gives a deja vu feeling with repeated scenes from Singham 1 and Singham 2.

Slapstick comedy of comedian Soori and Shruti Haasan’s skin show takes the driver’s seat in first half. Inappropriate placement of songs further kills the tempo of the film. Villain Anoop Singh has got good screen presence and powerful as a international don but he didn’t have a meaty role to display his skills. Post interval, as the mystery unfolds, the film gets lighter.

Heavy stunt episodes with booming sounds are used to give the film action flavour. But without proper storyline it all goes vein. Suriya delivers splendid performance as a stud cop. His dubbing is too loud, he keeps screaming at pitch of his voice. Poorly written dialogues make it appear watching some 1990s police drama. The investigation plot lacks the intelligence and kick.

Anushka hardly has any role. She is there just to give a continuation effect to the film. Flashy songs with mass beats and energetic dance movements would appeal to mass audience. Cinematography is okay and music is just average.


Suriya, Shruti Haasan & Anushka

Rich production values

Action scenes


Weak story & awry screenplay

Loud music

Weak dialogues

Bottom-line: This Singham ‘s roar is just noisy but not furious