She refuses to talk about Pawan Kalyan

Actress and Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is set to launch her poetry book. Renu has been staying with kids in Pune. She will be launching her book with 31 poems on December 4th. She held a instagram session on the occasion.

Renu is said to have penned the poems basing her life experiences and socially relevant issues. The book will consist both English and Telugu poetry. Lyricist Ananth Sreeram helped Renu with Telugu translation. Pre-booked books would be delivered with Renu’s sign on them.

Fans are eager to read her poetry as they expect she would write about her love life with Pawan Kalyan. When she was asked about the same by a fan on social media, Renu refused to talk and advised followers to refrain from asking her about Pawan anymore.


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