Shanker Reveals real Reasons Behind 2.0 Delay

Director Shankar Robo sequel is making its way to theaters on 29th November after several delays. Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 was slated for release in 2017 but later postponed to 2018.


There were many gossips for the delay and director shakar has given reasons for the delay in the release. Shankar revealed the actual reason is VFX. “The first approached VFX company agreed to deliver the project before the deadline.So the 2.0 team has kick-started the movie promotions and grandeur audio launch was arranged at Dubai.

indian 2 shanker
indian 2 shanker

But the VFX team failed to deliver and they opted out of the project. Later approached a new company to complete the graphics work, which eventually led to the delay in release.” said Shankar at press meet


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