Savyasachi Full Movie Review and Rating


Average Critics Rating: 3
Total Critics:4


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Critic Reviews for The Boxtrolls

Savyasachi - Double impactful mass punch
Rating: 2.75/5

Savyasachi – Thrills to an extent
Rating: 3/5

Good Idea In Bad Hands!
Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: 2/5

Savyasachi Full Movie Review and Rating

Savyasachi Review:

Savyasachi has a potential concept for a mass action entertainer. The film starts of on an interesting note and an absorbing ambience is created in the first half. Some campus comedy and romantic scenes fills the gap. Two peppy flashy songs entertain. Second half gets serious with killing of hero’s sister.

It turns into a revenge drama. Intriguing narration with some thrilling moments keeps up the excitement. Confrontation scenes between Vikram and Arun are good. The mind game is not so gripping. Climax is logical and convincing.

Savyasachi appeals to masses with heavy action episodes. Remix of ‘Ninnu Road Meeda Chusinadi Lagayathu’ is cheerful.

Savyasachi is a decent blend of novel concept with commercial elements.

Savyasachi Story:

Vikram Aditya (Naga Chaitanya) is born with vanishing twin syndrome with extra capabilities than normal kids. Sometimes his left hand is out of his control. Vikram Aditya becomes an ad film maker. He falls in love with Chitra (Nidhhi) during an ad shoot. She too reciprocates and they leave to US for a shoot.

Vikram’s sister (Bhumika) and brother-in-law are killed and his niece gets kidnapped. He learns that Madhavan is the culprit. Madhavan wants Vikram to obey him in achieving his wicked mission. How Vikram takes on Madhavan to avenge his sister and brother-in-law’s murder and also rescues his niece forms the rest of the story.


Naga Chaitanya has a charming screen presence. He is a Savyasachi of an actor as he is equally good at rom-com portion and intense emotional scenes. Nidhhi Agerwal makes an impressive debut. Madhavan stands out with his terrific performance. He has got tug of war scenes with Chaitanya. Vennela Kishore, Thagubothu Ramesh, Shakalaka Shankar and Sudarshan tickle funnybone.


Savyasachi is lavishly made film with high production values of Mythri Movie Makers. MM Keeravani’s background score and peppy tracks enhances the movie experience. Cinematography is too good. New York episode is stunningly filmed.

Directed by Chandoo Mondeti is successful in presenting the film into an mass action thriller. He could have fine tuned the script to make it an edge of the seat thriller.

Bottom-line: “Savyasachi – Double impactful mass punch”

Cast: Naga Chaitanya, R. Madhavan, Nidhhi Agerwal

Director : Chandoo Mondeti

Music : M.M. Keeravani

Choreography : J. Yuvaraj

Producer : Mythri Movie Makers

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