Roll Rida elimination cheered

The entertainment, excitement and emotional drama experienced through Bigg Boss 2 will come to an end in couple of days. Many feel that the show has become Kaushal vs remaining contestants. It was iterated by the recent clash where all the housemates united to attack Kaushal as he hurled the word ‘Kukkalu’ at them. Kaushal army are confident that it would be landlide victory for their favorite contestant.

roll rida kaushal

However, according to Biggboss every housemate is in danger zone and can face elimination any day. This weekend its going to be Roll Rida’s turn. His eviction is being welcomed by everyone not just Kaushal army. Roll Rida’s performance has become overboard in recent episodes. Most of the viewers feel he’s overacting and artificial in his behavior. Samrat is already into final round. The final fight will be between remaining five contestans.



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