RGV Reveals Lead Actors In Lakshmi’s NTR

Ram Gopal Varma is all over headlines for announcing Lakshmi’s NTR. The sensational director created stir in political circles saying that he’s going to focus on NTR’s life after entry of Lakshmi Parvathi. Opposition YSRCP leader Ravinder Reddy producing this film has further fueled the burning issue.

TDP leaders have been warned Varma not to make controversy out of legendary actor and leader worshipped by Telugu people.  It has been speculated that Prakash Raj is going to play NTR while Roja will reprise Lakshmi Parvathi in the film. RGV quashed these rumours. In his latest interview to a popular channel, the maverick director revealed that a debutant actor is going to play NTR.

RGV had surprised everyone introducing a new actor strikingly similar to Veerappan in Killing Veerappan. In ‘Attacks of 26/11’ , he shocked with terrorist Kasab lookalike. Similarly, he is said to have brought a guy who will have pretty resemblance to NTR. Apparently, the actor is getting trained with NTR’s mannerisms. He also disclosed that a newbie will be seen in the role of Lakshmi Parvati as well. Everyone is eager to know and see the actors to play the idol.