Revanth’s Toddy and Chicken comments on KCR


Rahul Gandhi held public meeting at Kodangal in Telangana. He received warm welcome from congress followers. Addressing the crowd, Revanth Reddy slammed TRS supremo and Telangana CM KCR. He said that KCR insulted Kodangal asking if it was Warangal.

revanth reddy kodangal speech rahul gandhi meeting

“They have filed 39 fake cases on me. But I will refrain from fighting TRS party from coming to power again. KCR family alone got jobs after he became CM. KCR made thousands of crores. He appealed to public to vote congress to power to bring back Indira Gandhi’s regime. Further he made shocking comments. “I will only ask votes from you but not commissions, chicken curry and toddy like KCR,” said he.



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