Revanth Reddy arrest boomerangs to KCR

Revanth Reddy was arrested at midnight ahead of KCR’s meeting in Kodangal and was released later. The congress working president being dragged and arrested is being seen as self goal by KCR and TRS government. Revanth gained sympathy thereby congress winning public support. TRS putforth an argument in front of election commission that Revanth was arrested as he was planning to disrupt KCR’s meeting.

revanth reddy kcr telangana elections

Hyderabad High Court found fault in cop’s over enthusiasm in Revanth’s arrest. Vikarabad SP Annapurna has been transferred. EC may charge TRS for misuse of power. Lagadapati Rajagopal too pointed fingers at KCR for such dictatorial acts. He reminded how T-Government troubled him as well with ED and IT raids earlier. Lagadapati said that KCR is resorting to such actions as he lost hope. Lagadapati has been predicting that Mahakutami will have upper hand over TRS in upcoming Telangana Elections.

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