Rendu Rellu Aaru Review


Average Rating: 3
Total Critics: 3


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Mediocre family drama

Rating: 2.5/5

Rendu Rellu Aaru – Decent in Parts

Rating: 3/5

The impermanence of life

Rating: 3/5

Release Date : 07/08/2017

Cast : Anil, Mahima
Director : Nandu
Music: Vijay Bulganin
DOP: Amarnath Reddy
Producers : Pradeep Chandran & A Mohan
Presented by: Sai Korrapati on Vaarahi Chalana Chitram

Story :

Raju (Naresh) and Rao (Ravi Kale) are neighbors who exchange their newborn babies for a purpose. Those babies grow up into Maddy(Anil) and Maggie(Mahima). Troubles arise as they fall in love with each other. How will the fathers deal with the situation? Why did they exchange their babies in first place? Rendu Rellu Aaru offers answers to this and much more.


Rendu Rellu Aaru has got a decent storyline. It has got good potential to become a perfect family entertainer. Tight screenplay and good performances can pull off a box-office success. Let’s see how far Rendu Rellu Aaru could meet the norms.

Director should have taken more care in scripting. Rendu Rellu Aaru has highs and lows in narration. Scenes lack interest and the curiosity developed by the plot is lost midway. Lags at several points could have been avoided with crisp editining.

Romantic track between lead pair is boring. Some dialogues are impressive. Thagubothu Ramesh raises laughs in theaters. Fresh faces are good looking but performances wise they have improve a lot. Seasoned actors Naresh and Ravi Kale helped the film keep the emotions intact.

Film coming from prestigious banner of Vaarahi Chalana Chitram has got decent production values and technical support. Music by Vijay Bulganin is average. Cinematography needs a special mention for aesthetically capturing Godavari locations.


Production values


Uneven screenplay


Bottom-line: Mediocre family drama