Reason behind Pawan’s attack on Jagan ?

Pawan Kalyan’s sudden changeover is surprising political folks. Even Janasena party followers are surprised by it. Pawan shifted his focus from Chandrababu Naidu to YS Jagan all of sudden. For past few days, Janasena chief has been attacking Jagan in unwarranted manner.

In his recent public meeting at Ravulapalem of East Godavari district, Pawan lambasted Jagan alleging that he is afraid of government to question their corruption and voicing for people’s issues in assembly. “Jagan fears that his illegal assets will be be exposed so he is remaining mum,” accused Pawan.

pawan kalyan ys jagan ravulapalem east godavari

He further alleged that Jagan is no less than TDP government in looting public money and has involved in various scams.

“Jagan has hand in Sand and Mining mafia. TDP and YSRCP are both thieves together. Hence, Jagan doesn’t have guts to point out TDP scams,” criticized Pawan.

He reminded that Jagan is facing CBI cases in disproportionate assets amounting to thousands of crores.

YSRCP leader cant dare to Narendra Modi or Chandrababu Naidu for the very same reason, says he. Pawan is attacking Jagan fearing Janasena’s weak prospects in upcoming elections as YSRCP has strong support from public in East Godavari, opine political analysts.


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