Rakshakabhatudu Review


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Total Critics: 2


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Watch it at your own risk

Rating: 1.75/5


Tests your patience

Rating: 2/5


Release Date : 05/12/2017


Cast: Prabhakar, Nandu, Richa Panai, Brahmanandam, Brahmaji, Sampoornesh Babu

Director : Vamsi Krishna Akella

Producer : A.Gururaj

Music : Sekhar Chandra


Ram(Nandu) and Mythili(Richa Panai) are lovers who elope to get married. On their journey, the halt at a village named Ananthagiri. They face all sorts of problems in the village. Anji(Sampoornesh Babu) comes to rescue them. Who is troubling the couple? Who helps them out of the village? Will they get married finally? To find out answers to these interesting questions, do watch Rakshakabhatudu.


Rakshaka Bhatudu is yet another tribute to police department. The film focuses on how cops save the society. It is a commendable attempt by the director Vamsi Krishna to take a decent subject.

Nandu & Richa Panai pair looks convincing. Heroine spilled some extra glamour.

However, the story is paper-thin. Screenplay goes haywire in midway. The film starts off well but the graph falls drastically. There is no noteworthy moment till the end. Some police station episodes are interestingly made. Brahmaji and co tickle with their humour.

Sampoornesh Babu’s surprise entry is good. Brahmanandam’s comedy has dissapointed again. Kalakeya Prabhakar and Supreeth are wasted. Poor technical values make it appear worse than a serial. Music is average and cinematography is like a marriage coverage.



Some comedy


Weak screenplay & direction

Poor technical values

Bottom-line: Watch it at your own risk