Producer ‘Dil’ Raju Contradicts Suresh Babu’s Remarks

Dil Raju

The other day ace producer Suresh Babu has lashed out at Amazon and Netlfix for acquiring the digital rights of latest Telugu films and making them available on the internet in a short period of time. However, another producer ‘Dil’ Raju has a different version for these remarks. Speaking to the press, ‘Dil’ Raju said, piracy is killing cinema and the very second day, the piracy copy of a latest film is available in the market. He further added that audience are not hesitating to watch the piracy.

When the piracy copy of latest movie is available in the market what is wrong if Amazon or any other platform has it. In fact audience are paying and watching in Amazon and others. This is eventually bringing some revenue to producers as well, observed ‘Dil’ Raju.


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