Pranay death video to go viral, said Amrutha’s dad


Sensational murder of man in front of his pregnant wife in Telangana created furore at national level. It was an honour killing conspired by girl’s father Maruthi Rao. Pranay was hacked to death in broad daylight while he was accompanying his pregnant wife Amrutha out of a hospital. Pranay belonged to a Dalit family and Amrutha’s father couldn’t digest their union. He planned the murder along with girl’s uncle.

In police custody, Maruthi Rao made shocking revelations. “I don’t regret the killing of Pranay. I am prepared to go to jail,” said he. Maruthi Rao is said to have called his daughter minutes before the murder and said that her husband’s death video would become most watched one than their wedding video. Cops reveal that Maruthi Rao had offered huge amount to the doctor to abort the child.


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