Prabhas for Remake of Cult Romantic Hit?

Most of the times remaking cult classic films of another language have proven to be disastrous and disgraceful. Now that Dil Raju is keen to remake Tamil cult romantic hit 96 into Telugu, many have advised him of dire consequences.

Samantha who refused the offer is said to have advised to the producer that such classics need to be made by sensible directors. Harish Shankar is most likely to helm the remake.

Dil Raju considered Nani for the lead role initially. Allu Arjun saw the film and wanted to be a part of it. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha’s magically natural chemistry in the film is the success mantra of 96. It is hard to imagine any other pair in the movie.

trisha prabhas in 96 remake

To some extent Vijay Sethupathi can be replaced but makers are dying to find an actress for Trisha’s role. She has to be fit and glamorous at the same time perform realistic. Trisha has got that image having been in the industry for over 15 years. Film Nagar buzz is that some biggies are suggesting Prabhas’ name for the remake.

The pair of Varsham will be apt for 96 remake, feel they. Having started his 20th film, our Darling may take another 2 years to get free and not to mention his Saaho is yet to get a release date. Of course, Trisha will remain charming as ever.



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