Poonam Kaur trolled for counter on KCR

KCR has restarted his attack on Andhra leaders as a part of his election campaign. In his recent speech at Vanaparthy at Praja Ashirwada Sabha, KCR lashed out and Chandrababu Naidu and Congress in his style hurling abuses.

Actress Poonam Kaur who is inclined towards TDP tweeted on this countering KCR. She shared a cartoon and wrote,”Andhra …Telangana …..mana valle fight cheskuntu untey …..faida evarki abba ? ……naaku ithey em artham kavatley…. idigo ee school story gurthuku occhindi…..”[sic].

She meant that there would be no use in fighting among ourselves. Poonam is being trolled for this. One follower wrote that it is better than vote for note and that TDP wouldn’t get any seat. Poonam Kaur replied the troller asking him to refrain from using abusive language degrading the value of the great leader he used as DP. He has the image o fYS Rajasekhar Reddy as his DP.


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