Pichiga Nachav Review


Average Rating: 2
Total Critics: 2


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Badly made youthful entertainer

Rating: 2/5


Good plot bad execution

Rating: 2.5/5


Release Date : 03/17/2017

Cast: Sanjeev, Chetana Uttej, Nandu, Karunya

Director : V. Sasibhushan

Producer : Kamal Kumar Pendem

Music: Ram Narayana


Chandu(Sanjeev) is a casual guy who falls in love with Anu(Chetana). As they are madly in love with each other, Chandu learns that she is the younger sister of his ex-girlfriend who ditched him to get married to a wealthy guy. Chandu loses trust in Anu. He keeps a weird test to her. Chandu asks her to sleep with him to prove her honesty in love. Will Anu get physical with him? Will he trust her? Curious to find out answers, watch the film at your nearest theater.


Pichiga Nachavu has a interesting concept that connects with present generation youth. First half is lengthy and dragged. It takes long time to get into actual story. The twist arrives only in the interval. Though the idea is good, execution is poor. Scenes are lousily written. Comedy scenes are terrible.  Instead of bringing laughs it would make one cry. Several scenes test audiences patience. Some dialogues appeal to the youthful audience.

Second half is predictable. Production values are average. Music is not even to the level of TV serials. Songs irritate you to the core. Cinematography is just okay. Performance wise Chetana is pretty good  but she has to work out a lot on her glamour if she is serious to continue as a heroine. The film lacks proper star cast. Nagababu is other known face and that gives some relief.



Interval twist


Amateur direction


Uneven screenplay

Bottom-line: Badly made youthful entertainer