Pawan Kalyan’s decision worrying Janasainiks

Pawan Kalyan has been vigorously rallying in East Godavari. He held grand public rally in Pithapuram as a part of his Porata Yatra. Janasena chief hinted that he could contest from Pithapuram. “People here want me to contest from here especially fishermen. I realize the significance of Pithapuram. This is land of Sripada Vallabha. If God wishes me contest from here I will definitely obey i,” said he.

pawan kalyan pithapuram contest

Political analysts feel that Pawan has been focusing more on Godavari districts as the region has more percentage of Kapu voters. Meanwhile, Janasainiks are not too happy with Pawan’s decision to contest from Pithapuram.

As per myth, it is believed that the party that wins in Pithapuram doesn’t come to power in the state. TDP has lost Pithapuram with party’s contesting candidate losing deposits in 2014 election. SVSN Varma won as indepedent, he later joined TDP though. Going by the sentiment, Pawan may win Pithapuram but Janasena wouldn’t come to power. This belief is worrying Janasena followers.


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