Pawan Kalyan shocker to Janasena ticket aspirants

Pawan Kalyan is raging ahead with his Praja Porata Yatra campaigning in East Godavari. He is set to conduct Janasena Kavathu in Anantpur on December 2nd. Pawan fans and his party followers are excited with his exhilarating speeches. Meanwhile, some key leaders have been confident that they would surely get MLA tickets. Pawan Kalyan’s latest comments came as shocker for Janasena ticket aspirants.

“During PRP ticket allotments, we gave equal importance to all castes and it didn’t pay off. Hence, we are cautious in allocating seats in Janasena. We shall be giving tickets basing on candidates winning capabilities than anything else,” said he. These comments from Pawan at Amalapuram meeting received mixed response party followers.  He made these comments when weavers community guy asked if they would be granted 2 tickets.

Chiranjeevi gave more than 100 seats to BCs in 2009 but PRP failed in elections due to which party was merged in congress. Apparently, Pawan doesn’t want to repeat the mistake.

janasena kavathu ananthpuram



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