Pawan Kalyan in Bigg Boss, Bomb on Kaushal & Deepthi

Finally, Ganesh bid adieu to Bigg Boss house on Sunday. Being a commoner contestant, Ganesh had sympathy of viewers. Ganesh thanked Geetha Madhuri for supporting him all these while. On the other hand, he pulled the leg of Kaushal by dropping the bomb on him due to which the latter has to sleep on the floor for rest of the week.

In the process of entertaining the team, Nani asked contestants to pair up. Kaushal and Roll Rida paired up as a part of the game. Kaushal was blindfolded and made to make-up Roll Rida. Later, the rapper danced to Pawan Kalyan songs. It was hilarious fun to watch Roll Rida perform crazily dolled up.

Amit and Shyamala fed ice cream to each other blindfolded. Funnily dressed Nutan Naidu danced for Deepthi. Geetha Madhuri fed blindfolded Samrat with weird tasting food. Amit got emotional after Nani announced hims safe. Samrat is also safe. Nutan Naidu targeted Deepthi due to which she has to wash utensils for the week.

bigg boss 2 kaushal


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