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Average Rating: 3
Total Critics: 5


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Paisa Vasool – Fans & Families only, outers not allowed.

Rating: 2.75/5

Balayya’s One Man Show

Rating: 3/5

Chaala Theda!

Rating: 2/5

A wafer-thin story line, too many action sequences, over-indulgent hero vs villain scenes, cliched ideas do the film in.

Rating: 2.5/5

‘Paisa Vasool’ only for fans

Rating: 2.5/5

Release Date : 09/01/2017

Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shriya, Muskaan, Kyra Dutt, Ali, Prudhvi, Vikramjeet Virk

Direction: Puri Jagannadh

Music: Anup Rubens

Producer: Anand Prasad

Banner: Bhavya Creations

Paisa Vasool Story:

Theda Singh (Balakrishna) is freaky guy who is employed by cops to hunt Bob Marley, a dreaded international gangster. ACP (Kyra Dutt) later finds that Theda Singh himself is absconding killer of her sister Sarika (Shriya) who used to work as investigative journalist. Bob and his brothers hunt for Sarika  as she records their atrocities in Portugal. Theda Singh who used to be a cab driver there saves Sarika and falls in love with her. However, Sarika gets killed in a clash and Theda Singh is set to avenge her murderers. Will Theda Singh reach Bob Marley? How will he take revenge on his lover’s killers? Is it just his revenge or is there any secret mission involved? All this and lot more in offing from Paisa Vasool.

Paisa Vasool Review:

Paisa Vasool is out and out Balakrishna’s one man show. NBK plays Puri Jagannadh’s atypical hero mouthing wacky dialogues. Well, that is all about Paisa Vasool. Puri again relies on his format of hero in disguise  of a conman is actually on a mission to eliminate criminals. Paisa Vasool is no different, it has that flavour of Puri’s movies from Pokiri to Ism. Screenplay is also almost the same. Some witty dialogues are somewhat fresh. “Naku mansion house thappa inkemi thelidhu” is one such dialogue that evoked whisles and ‘Jai Balayya’ slogans. First half focuses on Balakrishna’s characterization. His mannerisms and swag will be feast for fans. NBK’s energetic dances to the mass beats makes it more entertaining.

NBK himself does comedy that comedians Prudhvi and Ali go unnoticed. Interval bang is decent though not something that was never seen. Post interval film shifts to Portugal. Balakrishna’s romantic chemistry with Shriya is appealing. Vikramjeet Virk plays Puri style routine sadistic villain with same old dubbing. Pre-climax, film gets serious and slow. Towards climax, the film takes patriotic turn. An offbeat climax is attempted but its not that exciting.

Paisa Vasool can be watched only for Balakrishna’s antics and makeover style in terms of dialogue delivery and body language. His hyper energetic performance transcends. Muskaan’s glamour show is okay. Kyra Dutt has got a decent role as a cop. Shriya has got significant and sympathetic role. Anup Rubens background score is biggest asset to the film. ‘Paisa Vasool’ BGM compliments NBK’s swag. Songs are also invigorating. Action episodes are well  choreographed.


Balakrishna’s energetic performance




Routine story & screenplay

Silly second half

Predictable climax

Bottom-line: Paisa Vasool – Fans & Families only, outers not allowed.