Padamati Sandya Ragam London Lo Review


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Total Critics: 2


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London tourism promotion

Rating: 1.5/5

Old wine in old bottle

Rating: 1.75/5

Release Date : 01/06/2017

Cast: Chaitu Shantharam, Shahela Rani, London Ganesh, Feroj Shaik, Dheeraj Thota,

Director : Vamshi Muniganti

Producer : London Ganesh

Music : Kesava Kiran

Aravind (Chaitu) and Venu(London Ganesh) are software engineers who get an onsite oppurtunity to London. Aravind sees his dreamgirl on the journey and wishes to propose her. After landing in London airport, Arvind & Venu meet a batch who dupe and loot them in the name of same native village.

Aravind and Venu are left stranded. Amulya (Shahela) comes to their rescue. Amulya helps them in their stay in London. Eventually, Aravind gets closer to Amulya. Will Aravind propose Amulya or will he find his dream girl?

The entire film is shot in London. The film is visually appealing as exotic locations of London are captured well. However, the story has nothing new to offer. Its just another run-of-the-mill love story. Lackluster screenplay and uninteresting scenes make it bore to the core. First half passes by somehow watching London but second half tests patience. New faces tried their best but emotions and expressions are artificial. Romantic chemistry between lead pair doesn’t connect at all.

Chaitu needs to improve a lot if he’s serious to make it big in films. London Ganesh is okay with his comic touch. Shahela looked glamorous and okay with her performance. Anandam fame hero Akash makes a surprise guest appearance.

Background music by Kesava Kiran is decent but songs can be given a passe.


London locations

Technical values


Routine story & bland screenplay

Amateur direction

Bottom-line: London tourism promotion