NTR confessions at Aravinda Sametha Pre-release Event

Aravinda Sametha Pre-release event was held on Tuesday amid fans hysteria. NTR’s emotional speech was the highlight of the event. The actor remained serious throughout the event. NTR said that he hasn’nt been talking to Kalyanram for past month. “We only know the value of a person after he’s gone. Nannagaru used to say that we are fortunate to have born to a legend. Since Thathagaru it is our fans who are carrying us on their shoulders. Always take care of them.”

NTR revealed the ironical connection between Aravinda Sametha and Harikrishna’s dehmise while shooting for the film. “Its my 12 year old dream to work withTrivikram. Destiny brought us together now. In my 27 films I never lit the pyre of father but ironically Aravinda Sametha has that scene. Whether its a coincidence or destiny, I don’t know,” said he with tear filled eyes.

Tarak took the mic again while leaving and asked fans to drive safely to their homes as their families would be waiting for them.



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