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Release Date : 07/07/2017

Cast: Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Aadi Pinnisetty, Tanikella Bharani, Murli Joshi, Prudhvi, Vidyullekha, Sudharshan

Director: Shiva Nirvana

Music: Gopi Sundar

DOP: Karthik Ghattamaneni

Producer: DVV Danayya

Banner: DVV Entertainments & Kona Films

Duration: 136 minutes

Censor: U Certificate

Ninnu Kori Story:

Pallavi (Nivetha), a degree student falls in love with Uma Maheswar Rao (Nani) who is pursuing his PHD in Andhra University, Vizag. Uma lands in pent house of Pallavi. Her father (Murli Joshi) is a calculative man, so he starts looking for a well settled bridegroom for Pallavi. She decides to elope with Uma at the same time he gets an offer to do thesis in Delhi. As he leaves to Delhi, Pallavi gets to marry Arun (Aadi Pinnisetty) due to circumstances. The couple move to the US. Uma too lands in the US after a year. Will Pallavi accept him? Will Arun learns about their love? What follows next has to be watched on big screen.

Ninnu Kori Review:

Ninnu Kori story resembles love-break up films like Abhinandana and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Crisp screenplay with some interesting scenes makes the film entertaining. It’s challenging to create interest in known story. Scripting could be a ropewalk.


Writing needs to be appreciated in creating situations that struck right balance between emotions and comedy. Ninnu Kori is out and out romantic entertainer. First half is set in Vizag, love story between lead pair is fun to watch. Second half is set in the US. It gets emotional, but that doesn’t go over board.

Whenever the film is getting intense, director cleverly used comedy to balance it. Dialogues are well written with wit and cheer. Even the serious toned dialogues carry a lighter vein. Certain scenes in second half and climax appear bit dragged. Justifying back-story of Aadi gives the film an emotional conclusion and fullness.


Ninnu Kori is technically well made film. Cinematography is top-notch in creating an ambience and feel close to reality especially in Vizag episodes. Background score is refreshing, it complimented the essence of the scenes. Couple of songs could haunt melody lovers for long.


Naturally, Nani kills it with his tricky performance as a heart-broken lover yet remaining buoyant. He proves again that romance is cakewalk for him, he also excels in emotional scenes towards climax.

Nivetha Thomas gives a tug-of-war performance with Nani. She gets to showcase two shades, a bubbly girl in first half and post-interval as a practical woman sandwiched between lover and husband.

Aadi Pinnisetty is convincing as a reclusive and matured hubby. Murli Joshi’s role of bride’s father is natural and connecting. His combination scenes with Nani are pretty interesting like in Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. The film also provides adequate comedy with Prudhvi, Vidyullekha and Sudharshan.

Bottom-line: Ninnu Kori is like Devdas film set in contemporary scenario but with a great message to the society than former. Youthful and family audience could enjoy this decent entertainer. It’s a emotional film carrying loads of comedy and entertainment. It is likely to woo multiplex and the US audience. Film’s box-office prospects also depend on how B & C centers accept it.

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