Nenostha Review


Average Rating: 2
Total Critics: 2


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Bland thriller

Rating: 1.75/5

Outdated Psycho thriller

Rating: 2.25/5

Cast : Gnan Prakash, Surya Srinivas, Priyanka Pallavi

Director : Parand Kalyan

Music : Anuraag Vineel

Producer : Basha Majahar

Story :

Chetan (Surya) and Nayan (Priyanka) are married couple lacking healthy relationship. They head to a holiday to better their romantic prospects. On their trip, they meet a person who behaves strangely. They soon learn that he is a psycho and get rid of him. But to their surprise, psycho keeps following them. Eventually, things get worse and their romantic trip becomes clumsy. What is that the psycho want? Will the couple escape from him? What happens to their relationship? These questions are addressed in the remaining part of the story.


Nenostha is billed to be a crime thriller. Weak plot and predictable screenplay makes it not-so-gripping. Director projects it as a love story in the first half and gradually gets into crime mode. The film takes thriller turn only from interval.

Second half is some what interesting. Couple caught in the clutches of a psycho is the main theme of the story. Some scenes are impressively handled. Psycho’s flashback episode has been presented well and it has a message as well.

Director conveys that ill treated children in the society grow up into psychos. Lackluster script and stale characters doesn’t create interest. Romance scenes between lead pair are very artificial. Poor performances add to it.

Though concept selected is good,director failed to execute it to call it a thriller. Depthless conversations and dialogues make it even more diluted.

Music is below average and cinematography is just okay.



Interval episode


Weak script

Poor performances

Average technical aspects

Bottom-line: Bland thriller