Nenorakam Review


Average Rating: 3
Total Critics: 2


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Half-baked thriller

Rating: 2.5/5

Good in parts

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Sairam Shankar, Reshmi Menon, Sarath Kumar

Director : Sudershan Salendra

Producer : Srikanth Reddy

Music : Mahit Narayan

Story :

Gautam(Sairam Shankar) works as a loan recovery agent. He falls in love with Swecha(Reshmi Menon). A stranger (Sarath Kumar) kidnaps Swecha and blackmails Gautam to commit crimes inorder to set her free. At one moment Gautam gets vexed and decides to fight back. Will he be successful in rescuing Swecha? What is the link between kidnapper and the lovers? These questions are answered in the remaining story.


Nenorakam is a crime thriller. It starts of on a  romantic note. First half deals with Gautam trying to impress Swecha and making her fall in his love. The actual story starts from interval where the girl gets kidnapped. Second half has few thrilling moments with racy screenplay. Kidnaps and crimes are well designed. However, forced comedy and unnecessary songs appear as obstacles in the flow of the story. Viva Harsha tickles with his mannerisms. Prudhvi’s outdated comedy is total waste.

Sai Ram Shankar gives a decent performance. Sarath Kumar is apt in his role of a kidnapper who cleverly utilizes Gautam to achieve his task. His experience comes handy in getting emotional scenes well. Rashmi Menon looked pretty and needs to improve on her expression if she’s serious about acting.  The film is technically fine with good background score by Mahit Narayan. Songs are terrible though. Cinematography is in sync with film’s thriller feel.



Second half



Weak first half



Bottom-line: Half-baked thriller